Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Where is the Anti-War Movement Anyway?

Is there something missing from the liberal agenda this year, or is it just me? Now I remember - it's the anti-war movement. Unless I'm missing something, there hasn't been a single national protest, not in New York, D.C., San Francisco, anywhere. Are liberals still in hiding after last year's defeat? The fact that it's taken an aggrieved mother with no political expertise just to get liberals even talking about an anti-war movement says a great deal about how far we have to go. Why hadn't anyone thought about staking out Bush's ranch before? The fact is that over 60% of Americans are now on record as opposing the war. A true anti-war movement, like the one that briefly blossomed before this disaster began back in '03, would draw from a profoundly diverse cross-current of Americans, impossible to marginalize (not that the Bush administration wouldn't try.) There may be no better time for liberals to mobilize, and this may be our last opportunity before a draft goes into effect and the war escalates next year.

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