Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What's the Problem with Michael Jackson?

This just proves once and for all that a white man can get away with anything in this country. Seriously, don’t you think the verdict would have been different if Jackson was still black?

Remember that famous photograph taken back when the O.J. verdict was announced, and all of the black people in the picture looked happy and the white people looked pissed off? Well, there was a similar photograph taken after the Jackson verdict, only everyone in the picture just looked confused. The blacks didn’t know if they should stand up and cheer or start shooting, and the whites didn’t know who to blame, the white trash mom or the creepy ex-black. So Jackson has done his part to improve race relations in this country, or at least confuse the hell out of racists everywhere.

Which reminds me, it’s a good thing that Jackson finally sought treatment for his blackness. I know that his family and friends had been saying it for years – Michael, something’s not right, you have to get help, etc. etc. And thank God that he finally listened and he’s now a recovering black. He’s been non-black now for ten years running. Congratulations, Michael.

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