Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Food For Thought for the Homophobes

It occurred to me the other day that if it's true that 10% of the world's population is gay, and that's a uniform statistic, then the following is true:

There have been approximately four gay American Presidents.
There are about 25 gay members of the baseball Hall of Fame.
There were about ten gay Pilgrims on the Mayflower.
There was at least one gay signer of the Constitution.
There were about 4,500 gay soldiers killed at Gettysburg.
About 40,000 gay Americans lost their lives in World War II.
Gay Americans contributed about a trillion dollars to the American economy in 2004.
About 300 gay people were killed in New York on September 11, 2001.

Got the point? Gay history is 10% of American history. 10% of all the apples in a slice of pie, 10% of the stars in the flag, 10% of U.S. GDP, 10% of the poets, writers, singers, athletes, scientists, scholars, politicians, nobodies, celebrities, bums, tycoons, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Mormons in America, all gay. Get rid of that 10%, and this country becomes 10% less interesting, less wealthy, less powerful, less colorful, less itself.


Isabella di Pesto said...

I have two gay members in my extended family, and my next door neighbors (two women) are raising a perfectly beautiful, enchanting little girl.

I've always thought it is a peculiar sort of god who would create gay people and then tell them that the greatest natural drive in human beings (the sex drive, which he created) would be an unforgiveable sin should they engage in it.

Apparently, this is what a great many "religious" people believe--a god who creates humans who love those of their same sex and then condemns them to live in fear, self-loathing and humiliation, all because they have the drive to fulfill the natural need he instilled in them.

I never, never understood that sort of god.

weazoe said...

I completely agree with you. My faith does not allow me to believe that God cursed homosexuals at birth to be attracted to their own sex. Rather, I believe that God created some people to be gay for God's own purposes. This doesn't "threaten" the goodness of heterosexuality, only tells us that heterosexuality is not the full story of human sexuality. Such diversity is a blessing, a reminder that what we often take to be normative are merely our own prejudices and opinions.

Isabella di Pesto said...

This doesn't "threaten" the goodness of heterosexuality, only tells us that heterosexuality is not the full story of human sexuality.

Those are the wisest words I've read yet on the mystery of hetero and homosexuality. Really.

Science teaches us that when we reach a point where there isn't enough evidence to explain a particular phenomenom, we have to accept that we just don't know the full story--more evidence is needed before we can determine what are the causes and what are the effects.

We don't have the full story, yet.