Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Don't Mess with a Man's Spinach

Although no proof has yet been offered, I am convinced that al-Qaeda is behind the recent attack on the nation's spinach supply. If I am proved right, this will confirm my thesis that al-Qaeda is truly waging a war against American liberals. Think about it. Did the terrorists deliberately attack and poison America's storehouse of spare ribs? Our stockpiles of Twinkies? Our reserves of cheetos, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, or bratwurst? They did not. No, they attacked our spinach. And that, my friends, is war. You don't mess with a man's spinach. You don't cavalierly screw around with veggies. You keep your dirty B-rab fists out of my salad! Do you hear me, Osama? You'd better listen. Because you may have evaded the marines, but you damn well won't get away from Popeye.


rayito2702 said...

WWII era Pop-eye cartoons actually had him beating up buck-toothed squinty-eyed Japanese soldiers. Maybe we should enlist him in the War on Terror.

weazoe said...

You are totally right, rayito. With our spinach under attack, we need Popeye on our side. Someone enlist that sailor.