Monday, September 12, 2005

More Responses to the Worst of the Worst

ts said...
extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
don't you think jacoby has a point about neutral organizations such as the red cross?
2:41 PM

weazoe said...
Did you actually read the articles? The Herald's investigation was based on an internal Unicef report, from which it quotes at length. In addition, the investigation cites first-hand reports from German and Iraqi journalists, and quotes human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and the Red Cross as saying that they are aware of and extremely concerned about the problem of child detainees. This is what the report says about the Red Cross:
Between January and May this year the Red Cross registered a total of 107 juveniles in detention during 19 visits to six coalition prisons. The aid organisation’s Rana Sidani said they had no complete information about the ages of those detained, or how they had been treated. The deteriorating security situation has prevented the Red Cross visiting all detention centres.
By the way at least one fact in this story has been widely reported on in the blogosphere and the mainstream media: the rape of a sixteen year old boy. You can read about it at cbsnews here and the washington post here.


st.edith=shorthispanic said...

Weazoe: Can you not contact Unicef and find that report? What about the Red Cross? Can you contact your local senator (Kennedy or Kerry) or congressman/woman with these neutral orgs. docs. and entreat them to find out answers?! What about NYTimes or LATimes, Boston Globe is a midget compared to these two. Woodward? He knows about the insanity of high levels of govt. cover up!
The media should take you just seriously as anything else. You shouldn't be made to feel like a conspiritor. Fuck Jacoby & Carroll if they are going to ostracize you. That's what invesitgative reporting is about - finding facts and then reporting on them. Oh but wait, Jacoby is just a blow-hard who likes the sight of his own print.

weazoe said...

You're right, Small Edith, that maybe I should take matters into my own hands and go on a crusade to get the world to acknowledge that Neil Mackay is a real person and the Sunday Morning Herald actually exists. It just seems kind of weird that I live in a world in which I have to do this. Why is it incumbent on me to prove that the world, as it were, is round (or to prove the corollary, which is that people in the Middle Ages never believed the world was flat.) At any rate eventually the unreleased pictures from Abu Ghraib are going to be released and then Jeff Jacoby and James Carroll can go back to sitting around in their pyjamas and not being bothered by the likes of me again. By the way, when I was ranting about this last summer during the campaign, you didn't believe me either and told me to get a job.

St.Edith=Shorthispanic said...

I shoulda believed you! I was RIGHT, however, about you needing a job.