Monday, September 05, 2005

Bush In Plain Sight

On Friday the Washington Times voiced a complaint against the President for his many failures in light of the disaster in the Gulf Coast, stating, "We expected to see, many hours ago, the President we saw standing atop the ruins of the World Trade Center, rallying a dazed country to action." The recollection of the President's visit to Ground Zero on September 14th, 2001, strikes me as a little off. Bush basically shouted some inarticulate words about revenge, and that was that. This was not exactly the Gettysburg Address. To conservatives who may finally be opening their eyes to the general lack of character and basic adequacy of this most powerful politician in recent history, I welcome you to reality the way the rest of us have been experiencing it lo these past five years. To me, the Bush whose lack of foresight, disconnectedness, excruciating insensitivity, unserious intellect, and inability to grasp the real nature of a crisis and respond to it, is the same Bush who spent 9/11 fleeing in Air Force One and taking orders from Dick Cheney, who ginned up a phony war based on conned intelligence, who has failed to lead the nation or even offer comfort during that war and the hardships it has imposed on all of us. It's the same guy. I don't know what Bush was thinking by joking to flood victims about his misspent youth in New Orleans, any more than I know what he was thinking when he said that Saddam Hussein was planning to attack America with unmanned aerial drones. For that matter, I don't know what he was thinking back in 1972 when he got drunk, urinated on a parked car, and yelled obscenities at police officers. What can I say? I've never voted for him, for just that reason. To those who did, I can only say that George W. Bush, as far as I can tell, has never changed. He's the same guy you voted for last November. The exact same guy. I promise.


powerkor said...

The fact is that the president just isn't a good one. He does not have the core qualities to make key decisions, to be a leader, nor does he have the decency to see through what little hope he has given to the american people. I feel ashamed that I am apart of this nation. It's strange considering I felt proud just a few years ago. Why does everything Bush touches fail? Why is it so hard for Government authorities, not only Bush, but the entire administration (not limited to republicians) to make the right choice. I think they have all but remembered this country is for the people, by the people. I feel powerless that my words and my opinion matters anymore. What can we do? That's what it boils down to.

Feel free to comment on my little questionare if you so wish.

weazoe said...

I don't think that it's necessary to feel ashamed to be an American just because Bush is unfit for public office. That should be a call to action and not despair. Especially now that the rest of the country is waking up to the real problems, there is a chance for a broad-based, bi-partisan coalition to come together and begin to turn things around.

Isabella di Pesto said...

Bush was playing guitar and eating cake while the Gulf Coast was drowning and people were dying. Once his handlers realized the political disaster that Bush's inattention and inaction caused, they went into action.

I saw photos of Karl Rove following Bush into Air Force One for his trip to view the catastrophe. I imagine Karl telling Bush that he has to look like he's in control.

Every decision or lack of a decision with this maladministration is based on political considerations. How to make this pathetic nonleader look good.

It's still happening. Today Bush gave a televised Cabinet meeting and took two or three questions from the media who were allowed in to observe this staged event.

BushCo. know they failed miserably and the fallout will not be good.

They're scrambling to put lipstick on this pig. But it (the administration) is still a pig.

And it is a monumental failure.

No accountablility. Just lots of dead poor people.